Fun Side Projects

Endless Runner

Endless Runner at the Three Month Point

Rather un-creative name aside, this was my first foray back into a true Android game since Smashsteroids, and was entirely sprite based to reduce the need for 3D models. The main goal of this game was to get myself back into Android dev with a quick and easy, and to re-affirm my knowledge of sprite usage as it had been a while since I’d worked with them. I went at this as more of a game jam challenge, with the idea of seeing what I could do in just three months.

As three months came and went, I found I was still working on the idea, throwing more ideas and features into it, and at one point even considered putting the game up on the Google Play store, however I soon realised that by adding so many little ideas here and there, I had succumbed to the dreaded scope creep, and that in turn overly complicated some of the features I wanted to go back and add before I put the app on the play store.

In the end I realised the game had done what I’d needed it to (get me back into the swing of things) and I decided to leave it where it was for now, and start work on my other idea for an Android game, one that would be properly documented and planned to avoid scope creep!


Smashsteroids VR

This was my first attempt at a VR game after getting my Vive. I was able to spin up a prototype relatively quickly, though this was early on in the Vive’s lifespan so there was not a lot of information out on issues such as avoiding motion sickness, which as I found out quite quickly I was also very prone to.

Below is a demo video of various features in action as they were added into Smashsteroids VR.

Tap Racer

Tap racer was an idea I was playing about with on Android based on a game my godson had been playing a lot, with the goal of the game to beat your opponet to the finish line by rapidly tapping the go button, and strategic use of the boost button.

My first game to have a local two player mode, though thats hard to demonstrate in the web version of it.



Block Breaker (Arkanoid Clone)

After Smashsteroids I found several areas where I fell short, and decided to work on a smaller, more concise project to try and help me better understand certain parts of the development pipeline (multiple scenes, accurate physics collisions, working with sprites and a better understanding of coroutines to name a few.

Once again my brother Josh stepped up to help me do the audio for it, with some of the unused audio from Smashsteroids making an appearance as well.


Smashsteroids is a side scrolling shoot-em-up for Android, OSX and Windows. This was the first game I was happy to actually show off to people, and while looking back on it now makes it feel very basic, it still holds a special place in my heart.

Sound effects and audio were composed by my brother Josh as part of his university dissertation.