A Brief Introduction

So for a while now I’ve been learning a lot about Tensorflow and Machine Learning. Originally it was for a work related project, however that got canned when management realised that ML wasn’t just a “Magic Bullet” they could put in to solve their problems overnight, it would take time and understanding to get right.

However, by the time they had canned the project, I’d already been doing some serious research into the topic, and once I got my head around the basics I realised that there was a hell of a lot of potential in such a technology, way outside of what work wanted to use it for.

So in my spare timeI kept digging, I kept learning, and I kept trying to get better at it.

Then just after GDC 2018, I learned something that had somehow passed me by originally. Unity 3D supported Machine Learning Agents (ML Agents), and was a technology that was being actively worked on by the developers.

Suddenly my use for ML had moved away from the rather mundane (to me anyway) large scale data analysis that I was thinking of using it for, to something a lot closer to me. Something I’ve had a vested interest in for the longest of times: Games Development, and Artificial Intelligence.

This in turn made me decide to publicly document my thoughts and discoveriers as I turn down this path to both provide a record, and to perhaps help others who are unsure where they are going when it comes to using ML and Unity 3D.